Meet Shaun Low, a Metro Journalist from The Malaysian Insight

Shaun Low is a graduate from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) majoring in English and minoring in journalism. He is currently working with The Malaysian Insight as a metro journalist.

Working in media industry has been a challenging experience. Unlike print media, online news media require journalists to write and update news almost real time.

“Everything needs to be done yesterday, and it needs to be fast,” said Shaun.

In addition to good writing skill, a journalist should also be proficient in oral communication. “You need to talk to a  lot of people.” He elaborated that the key is knowing how to start a conversation and how to end it politely.

Shaun told juniors who are interested in this line of work to apply for internship opportunity. “If they like you, of course they will hire you,” said the metro journalist. He further described that there are many types of journalists, which include full journalist, politician journalist and crime journalist. “Make sure you get your job description right.”

Minoring in Journalism has given him some ideas on how media company works, and editors will review your work, and what kind of questions asked in an interview with a politician in the beginning of his media journey. “You get to apply the things that you have learned in your degree,” he said.

Shaun ended the interview with an advice to the juniors.

❝ Always keep your mind open, the media industry now is very different from where it is few years ago. ❞


Watch the full interview below:

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