Anonymous Complaints in UTAR Confession Receive Criticism

Anonymous complaints on lecturers are not something new in UTAR Confession and the comments made on these posts show disagreement.

UTAR Confession page, a Facebook page that allows public to read various sorts of confessions from UTAR students, is a common platform for users to express their feelings and thoughts anonymously. Most posts mean no harm and are basically entertaining, but sometimes you will find harsh complaints on lecturers.

There are two posts complaining about a lecturer recently. One even contains a malicious word ‘retarded’ to express the anonymous student’s dislikes towards a lecturer’s attitude.



As expected, the complaints drew the page followers’ attention. Thankfully, all comments reflect that they are defending the lecturer.

However, this is not always the case. As UTAR confession content is made public, some of these posts went viral. It is not hard to speculate the lecturer’s identity because the course names are often spelled out along with specific descriptions such as ethnicity, gender, outer appearance and even the name (partially) of the lecturer.

Few students are interviewed for their view.


“I think they should look into the matters in proper reason whether is his problem or the lecturer’s problem. For example, the current confession about the lecturer, instead of the student complaining, I think he should go for studying for the test,” a English Education student, Loo Sin Mian, 22, said.



Leow Chien Hui, 22, Public Relations student said that it is inappropriate to talk bad behind the people.

“If you really dislike the way of teaching of the lecturer, you can directly tell them,” Leow added.


03Sarvesh Rishi, 22, Journalism student said: “ I thinks is a pretty bad step from the student to anonymously share an experience that will tarnish a person’s image.”

He also mentioned that posting on social media might be an effective way to raise awareness about the ‘wrong doing’ of the lecturers. However, if the student is going to blaster them to a virtual thing and not getting any good from it, it is just a waste of time.


04Sindu Mogan, 22, Journalism student also said that: “If we view from one side it actually bring a positive benefit.. as a example UTAR Confessions being a platform for student to tell whatever issues that they facing or going through, like when they posting an issue like robbery actually it’s helps people to be aware about the incident. But another side, when they post about inappropriate matters it’s just a waste of time.”

She pointed out that as a student, we should know how to handle the social media. By posting or complaining about a lecture in social media it really can damage their reputation.

“And as a mature undergraduate student they should realise that it doesn’t bring any solution. It’s just left humiliation towards the lecture,” she added.

Yes, we have the right to voice out our dissatisfaction and disappointment on other people, but it doesn’t means that we post something that could tarnish someone’s reputation. It is not fair to those people that be criticized.

Just like what Leow mentioned, if you really dislike the way of your lecturer teaching, you may directly inform him or her, or even use the students feedback that provided by UTAR.

Posting such content on public page anonymously  is unfair to the complainee because only one side of story is heard. Even if the fault is at the lecturer’s, no proper investigation can be proceeded since UTAR confession is not an official channel that handles the complaints.

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